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A Deeper Understanding of Art Deco Jewellery
Posted by kamal on January 7th Alexander Kerfoot Leafs Jersey , 2016

Many have heard of Art Deco jewellery without truly understanding what it’s all about. That’s a shame considering that there is a rich history behind Art Deco and its expressions from jewellery to architecture! Here are a few things that you should know about it so that you will be able to appreciate Art Deco pieces when you see them.

It Started in the Mid-1920s

The Art Deco movement was born after the Art Nouveau movement faded away, so to speak, in the mid-1920s and lasted until the 1930s. Art Deco, like Art Nouveau, started in France specifically during the 1925 L’Exposition des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Moderne in Paris. The exposition was notable for several reasons including the spotlight on the applied and decorative arts as well as the emphasis on the modern arts (i.e. Jake Muzzin Leafs Jersey , artworks that were perceived as representatives of previous generations were largely excluded).

But the term “Art Deco” was not commonly used to describe the aesthetic until 1968 when Bevis Hillier, a noted English art historian, wrote his authoritative book, “"Art Deco of the 20s and 30s”. Today, Art Deco’s aesthetics refer to a wide range of unconnected sources and styles from modern interpretations of Louis XVI to obvious references to Bauhaus and Cubism Tyson Barrie Leafs Jersey , even with sprinklings of Japanese, Africa, and South American art.

Decorative to the Core

Art Deco pieces were purely decorative in nature, which is in stark contrast with the style of Modernist art movements where social philosophies and art converged in every artwork. Jewellery pieces, such as a Christmas brooch John Tavares Leafs Jersey , were characterized by luxurious touches like precious and semi-precious stones with styles bordering on the ostentatious.

Art Deco artworks were also characterized by their geometry and symmetry in contrast with the organic forms and flowing lines of Art Nouveau jewellery. Such was the adherence to geometry that Art Deco items appear to have been designed with a grid or by an object in motion. For example, a dragonfly brooch can have a relatively square design instead of the curving and flowing lines that characterize a dragonfly in nature.

Of course, Art Deco artists were also influenced by the prominent styles of the time. Examples include the influence of Futurism and Cubism; Hillier himself described the Art Deco style as “tamed Cubism” because of the strong influence albeit for decorative purposes.

Ultimately, the best way to appreciate Art Deco wearable pieces of art is to wear them with pride! Regardless of the style, jewellery is meant to be appreciated for its beauty.

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