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Looking for Natural Options for UTI? Infection Remedies to Try Health Articles | October 1 Stephan El Shaarawy Jersey , 2010
If you have symptoms of a UTI, it is important to first receive an accurate diagnosis of your condition from a doctor. Symptoms of a UTI may include blood in the urine, the frequent need to urinate, and pain and burning during urination. Once your doctor has diagnosed you with a UTI Robin Olsen Jersey , he or she will likely prescribe a round of antibiotics to treat your infection. However, more and more people today are opting to treat their UTI infection with natural UTI infection remedies over manufactured antibiotic treatments.

A UTI is essentially a bacterial infection in your kidneys, bladder, urethra Rick Karsdorp Jersey , or ureter. The bacteria has been introduced into your body, and found an environment that is hospitable for it to thrive and grow. So natural treatment options will largely work to make the environment in these parts of your body inhospitable for bacterial growth. Many people will use aromatherapy as a treatment by rubbing essential oils such as tea tree, frankincense, juniper Patrik Schick Jersey , bergamot, and sandalwood over the bladder area up to four times a day. Others will make a tea comprised of uvi ursi, echinacea, buchu Nicolo Zaniolo Jersey , and pipsissewa tinctures, and drink this tea up to four times per day. Other UTI infection remedies include increasing? your intake of foods that contain vitamin C as well as foods with a high acidic content, hot compression on the lower abdominal area, and reflexology on the bladder and kidney points.

Many people will complain that using antibiotics as UTI infection remedies are not effective Marc-Andre Ter Stegen Jersey , and this is largely due to the increase in antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria in the environment. Using natural treatments will help to decrease these antibiotic strains and may be effective in treating your current UTI. However, they should under the supervision of your doctor. A UTI is a serious infection, and failing to properly treat it can result in the infection worsening and ultimately causing kidney damage or requiring hospitalization.

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2.) Low-cost service does not equivalent quality solution

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