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"Monopoly" and "comprador" are two of China's economy Wily Peralta Dominican Republic Jersey , "killer", respectively, from both inside and outside the direction of the attack on the economy. Here, the "comprador" in a narrow sense, not the normal business of overseas enterprises in China agent, refers only to those who for personal and family interests Carlos Martinez Dominican Republic Jersey , bribed officials in the national interest of China to foreign selling agent. They are actually power brokers, not businessmen. Many times they have a deep background of the official, and even elected officials. "Monopoly" is a more general usage, it includes a general sense of monopolies, such as large state-owned companies, including officials who abuse their power for personal gain Ivan Nova Dominican Republic Jersey , and the market advantage by bribing officials to get business owners. The two killers have in common is the power of the officials involved in business. Therefore, the official heart of the problem is the abuse of power and abuse of power, the power they have.

Too much emphasis on foreign investment in China there is a harm. Foreign official welcome by many reasons, one of which is ordinary citizens and national officials dealing with disdain. Only foreigners and only the same level officials and their equality. This is why often people complain that the Chinese people in their own land have become "second-class citizens", foreigners enjoy the super-national treatment. Given the opportunity to complain about second-class citizens, then the rights and welfare of fewer Hector Neris Dominican Republic Jersey , more farmers are discriminated against can only be "third-class citizens" of the. Feudal times in Europe, the nobility of the aristocracy and other countries also exchange, intermarriage, and their own nationals but very alienation. This is the same reason, is determined by the position. However, it is different Edgar Garcia Dominican Republic Jersey , because the marriage, the European aristocracy of the blood beyond the borders, while Chinese officials are authentic Chinese descent. Therefore, they discriminate against the mentality of its citizens even more hateful.

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