head of the Democratic Party.

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Why Steve Urkel and Paris Hilton Make Lousy Role Models for Your Website (and Why George Clooney Rul Marketing Articles | June 21 new balance 580 hombre precio , 2008

I?m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that since you?ve gone to all the trouble and expense of putting up your website (or you?re about to), you?d really prefer that it start pulling its own weight ?and by that I mean, bringing in business.

If you want prospective clients to pick up the phone after visiting you online, then you can?t afford to have what I call a ?Paris Hilton? site.

You know, a site that looks flashy but communicates badly. ?

How often have you been to sites that are all glitz and no substance?? They may start with a fancy flash page and you?re expected to sit there patiently while the images take forever to load.? Or they?re stunningly beautiful in design, but you can?t figure out where the navigation bar is because it?s cleverly hidden in the tumbling waterfall graphic.

By the same token new balance 580 baratas , potential clients are not enticed by a site that drones on and on, giving the visitor waaaay too many details about things they?re not really interested in ? like where you went to high school or your various business titles. ?(This, of course, is the Steve Urkel site.)?

I?m not saying your life isn?t fascinating and that some personal information isn?t a good thing, but a little bit goes a long way in this case.

We, the people new balance 999 elite edition precio , are not a patient breed when surfing the Web.

So, if Paris and Urkel are out, who?s in??

Allow me to introduce (drum roll, please) -George Clooney.

My man George personifies the winning characteristics of a website (and a husband, as far as I?m concerned) ? good looking, charming AND intelligent!

Like George new balance 999 mujer baratas , a successful site will demonstrate these 5 traits:

1) Draws attention with its style and flair -

The man looks good in tails or a T-shirt because he always projects a strong sense of himself.? Images, colors and layout as well as your personal ?brand? all play a part in creating this impression with your website.? (The theme here is ?uncluttered.?)

2) Puts people at ease by being friendly and confident -

George isn?t namby-pamby nor is he overbearing- from all accounts he?s very ?guy next door? (if the guy next door happens to be a famous millionaire).?

On your site, this comes from using an authentic, natural tone to your content as well as paying attention to formatting so it?s easy to navigate and read.

3) Is at least as interested in the visitor as in himself -

In a recent article I read, the author was astounded when George accepted his off the cuff invitation to have dinner at his house and reported that the evening ended with George up in his attic looking at a roof leak.?

In the same manner, your site will play best if it focuses on your visitor?s perspective and needs rather than your own.

4) Has a sense of humor about it all -

The George is a notorious joker new balance 999 hombre baratas , and while you don?t need to be a full-on comedian, a light touch with your website is much more inviting than a serious, dry approach.

5) Shares generously -

Besides his jokes, my future fiancé is known for being a loyal and very giving friend.

Your web visitors are there looking to solve a problem they?re having.? Be generous with your solutions; rather than taking advantage of you, they?ll be pleased and likely to come back for more.

Effective marketing doesn?t happen by accident.? To make the most of your online presence, you?ve got to put a little thought into it.? But I promise the payoff is well worth the effort.

Do you like Liberal Presidential Wishful John F. Kerry? Well new balance 999 baratas , you might be in luck as John Kerry has chosen to run again for election to be our next President. And he has big time support from Ted Kennedy, as Ted has gained a few pounds. He probably will not consider Edward's John as his running mate this time, as the pretty boy shows him up on Television. Don't mistake this comment John F. Kerry is a handsome man and many say he may even be better looking than Abraham Lincoln.

Its too bad that John F. Kerry is not running for office with John Edwards because with those two lawyers in the White House they would certainly need some more toilets and well two more Johns might just come in real handy. John Kerry has a strong following in the Gay Community and he very well respected by several if not more Black Politicians like The Reverend Jesse Jackson, Lewis Fairycon and Al Sharpton. And there maybe a few more not listed?

It will be very hard for Hillary Clinton to match that fire power in the road to the White House, because well we all know that this great team the JF Kerry, Speed Boat Veteran has assembled is a Dream Team and they have found a cheerleader and mouth piece in a very famous Governor new balance 999 españa , who is now head of the Democratic Party. Ted Kennedy is so proud of his boys indeed. One can certainly see why so many people like John Kerry, a Government speedboat captain, self-proclaimed war hero and Debonair Diplomat with personal family ties to France. God Bless JFK II and the remodeling of the white house with two more commodes if elected? Think on this

The Power of Using Craigslist as a Network Marketer Business Articles | December 29, 2010

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