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What Companies Should Look for in a Technology Writer Marketing Articles | December 19 Air Max Saldi Italia , 2004
Do your customers know what you?ve been up to?

How many engineers, programmers or technicians do you have that can write interesting, readable articles about your technologies? Can they communicate effectively to potential customers? Do they have the time to write great articles and take care of their primary duties, too?

Do you have writers who can understand and regurgitate what you do on a technical level? Can they take what you give them and communicate it on a level that your customers can understand and appreciate while preserving the accuracy of technical content?

This is why your competitors outsource to technology writers.

What to look for in a technology writer.

A great technology writer has a great portfolio. The writer you want will have samples that parallel the content you?re looking for. A good example of a great portfolio can be found at http:www.GeerComsamples.

A great technology writer is a great investigator. A great technology writer takes time to get to know you Air Max Saldi Offerta , your business, and your goals. What do you really want to get out of this project? A great writer will ask because a disciplined professional needs to know.

A great technology writer is a team player. Professional writing requires top-notch communications skills on all levels, not just in the text of your copy. The writer you want should be able to carry on a dialogue with you and your team to discover your needs, and to make sure that they are met.

A great technology writer is prepared to work with you and your team until you?re satisfied. Consultations Air Max Uomo Saldi , revisions and changes should be built into the fee. These are part of the process and should be foreseen by the writer that you want to hire.

Lastly, a great technology writer instills confidence. After providing the necessary requirements and information, you should feel comfortable letting the writer drive where your project is concerned. You should be able to rely on their responsiveness to your queries. You should be assured that they will deliver all that you expect and more.

The modern age is a time for environmental awareness. Humans have now come to a point wherein we realize the grave impact of our actions on nature.

The industrial revolution brought forth more than just technological advancements and the onset of mass production; it has also led to the appearance of global environmental abnormalities, which has alarmed many people all over the world. This is why going green or green consciousness has become such a popular concept nowadays Air Max Scarpe Saldi , and with commercial printing, there should be no difference. Here are some ways for you and your commercial printing company to contribute to the world’s effort in reducing waste and overall helping heal the environment.

1. Balance it out - Both printing and electronic media have its own pros and cons. It is up to you to make the calculations in order to determine the proper balance between commercially printed materials and the use of electronics. Too much of either of these things will certainly be harmful to the environment, because commercial printing introduces concrete wastes into nature while electronics can greatly contribute to a company’s carbon footprint and electrical consumption. While it may not be possible to make do without both, it is certainly possible to minimize the environmental impact by finding the right balance.

2. Recycle - Your posters and flyers do not need to be printed on freshly produced paper at all. Thus Air Max Saldi Scontate , there is no reason for you to waste money and raw material by having your commercial printer print on brand new paper. Whenever possible, opt for recycled materials with your printing ventures, and while at this, do not forget that there are also two other R has to remember: reduce and reuse. Reduce wasteful distributions of advertising materials and reuse them as much as possible for a greener environment.

3. Print with Green Ink - Papers are biodegradable Air Max Saldi Online , sure, and eventually they will be decomposed by the bacteria on the earth without much consequence to the environment. However, the ink on these papers can be the cause for the release of harmful and polluting compounds, which is why you should opt out of inks based on petroleum and the like. Printing with green ink is not to be taken in a literal sense Air Max Saldi , but in the sense that people should use soy-based inks and other less harmful inks in their printing requests.

4. Smaller does not mean less effective - Companies waste such a lot of money in ordering the biggest posters with big illustrations and big texts, even when it is possible to order smaller prints, which can be just as effective. Printing smart does not equate to printing big, and it means above anything else Nuove Air Max Saldi , you should be smart with how you use the materials you have printed. If you are just printing big to overcompensate for something, do not.

Commercial printing does not need to have a reputation for being a big contributor to environmental waste. While commercial printers think of new ways to reduce the harmful effects of printing to the environment, customers also have the duty of doing their part: printing smart by going green.

Lighting Up Your Home 聳 What To Consider?

Posted by Sofarylighting on April 4th, 2017

Light is the necessity for every home. The need of lights will vary according to the factors such as size of the room Air Max Bambino Saldi , purpose of the lighting, design, quality, cost and more. There are thousands different kind of lights to choose from for your home.

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