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Market researches to launch new products: why industry can't do without Marketing Articles | May 7 Women's Daniel Jones Jersey , 2009
I was reading an article by Roberto Carminati and Carolina Parma on Economy of last week: "Us, the kings of TESTS": "During crisis you're not allowed to make mistakes. It's for this reason the...

I was reading an article by Roberto Carminati and Carolina Parma on Economy of last week: "Us, the kings of TESTS":

"During crisis you're not allowed to make mistakes. It's for this reason the steps preparing the way for launching a new product on the market become more strategic for firms, that now involve consumers to test prototypes, games and to taste snacks..."

I began to wonder and I found confirmations at the same time:


Are we sure that the consumer is really considered as a KING?

Until I'm told otherwise, in more that 12 years experience in strategic consulting, I saw very few people taking seriously from this point of view.

I followed lot of surveys of course Women's Dalvin Tomlinson Jersey , but, although my efforts to really get some results from this point of view, I've often run into managers more concerned in finding proofs of their certainties than focused on putting themselves at stake and on LEARNING by people (well, by the way, if they are true KINGS, let's stop to call them consumers...)


Doing mistakes costs a lot of money more than the necessary one if you think before.

During crisis, where what is certain seems to fall down and the performance anxiety is overpowering Women's Evan Engram Jersey , the market researches, the focus groups, the field works and more properly the people study is prospering... this is the right chance to understand that it's better to think and then to act, for the most enthusiastic as well.


The market researches are NOT JUST for the consumption colossus, they are mandatory steps to launch all products and services, the industrial ones as well. Studying how people solve their problems, accomplish their demands Women's Saquon Barkley Jersey , is necessary if you have a good idea to suggest, whether your product is an industrial machinery or a financial solution.

It's good to find out if your idea will be a real business, it's useful to understand if and how to renew it, it's useful NOT just to test, dear sirs, it's useful above all to learn!

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Cat lovers and cat associations around the world Family Articles | March 9 Women's Lawrence Taylor Jersey , 2004
A cat ... is an ... that ... cats and kittens, selects cat show judges and conducts many cat shows and cat ... A cat ... also controls cat clubs. The winner of

A cat association is an organization that registers cats and kittens, selects cat show judges and conducts many cat shows and cat competitions. A cat association also controls cat clubs. The winner of cat show is provided with trophies, awards or medals. The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) sponsors about 650 cat clubs in the USA. There are many cat associations in USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa Darius Slayton Jersey , Japan and other countries. The Cat Fancier's Association is the largest cat association in the world. Visit the website of Cat Fancier's association at http:www.cfainc.org, visit the website of Cat Fancier's at http:www.fanciers, visit the website of The International Cat Association at http:www.tica.org and visit the website of American Cat Fancier's Association at http:www.acfacat. The Cat Fancier's Association registers more than 80000 cats and kittens annually. The other famous cat associations include The International Cat Association (TICA), the American Cat Fancier's Association (ACFA) and the Canadian Cat Association, In Europe, the largest cat association is Federation Internationale Feline De Europe. A single cat show may have eight to twenty different judges. After judging each cat within a particular breed, the judge gives out preliminary awards Julian Love Jersey , such as best of colour or best of breed. There are hundreds of cat breeders in the USA. The first cat show was held in crystal palace in England in 1871 while the first cat show in USA was held in Medison Square in 1895. The Intellectuals around the world are keeping cats as pets. Dr. William Grier left US $ 415000 for his two pet cats when he died. The richest single cat in the world is white alley who inherited US $ 250000. In September 1996, a Businessman of Thailand spent 18000 Pounds for the marriage of his male diamond eyed pet cat named Phet with a female diamond eyed pet cat named Ploy because his male pet cat loved a female cat. The marriage was attended by 500 guests. The cats were given a dowry of US $ 23202. The newly wedded cats received US $ 60000 in cash and wedding presents. Cardinal Richelieu left lifetime pensi

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