?Tooth decay and so

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Human body consists of various parts and organs to perform the various functions of the body. Each and every part functions differently. The internal organs and external organs are altogether different. Their functioning is also different. Face is one of the most vital body parts. The organs like ear Cheap Nike Air Max 120 Australia , nose and eyes are situated in the face. The mouth is the main feeding point of human body. But the organs or the parts inside the mouth are the main controller of everything that is going inside through the mouth. The tongue, teeth Nike Air Max 120 Australia , the jaws and the ducts inside the throat are the functional parts those controls the intake of food. The teeth of human beings plays the most important part as they either chew or bite the foods when required to make into small pieces so that they can be easily assimilated to the form that can be swallowed.

The teeth have several functions in human body. They not only help in the process of assimilation of food but also several other functions. The smiling, talking and such other operation are performed by the teeth. The normal adult human being possess altogether 32 tooth. When the tooth becomes affected by external organisms due to various reasons the pain suffered by the affected human being sometimes becomes intolerable. Also there are various other problems regarding the tooth those need cure. These are called dental problems. These are:

鈥?Tooth pain

鈥?Cavities and caries.

鈥?Broken teeth

鈥?Dark and spotted teeth

鈥?Gapping between teeth.

鈥?Unattractive smile.

鈥?Missing teeth

鈥?Gum disease.

鈥?Chipped tooth.

鈥?Wisdom teeth.

鈥?Uneven and deformed shape of teeth.

鈥?Tooth decay and some more.

Each and every problem in dental field is sometimes so severe that every other works become the second choice in comparison to the tooth treatment. Every dental problem can be cured by the help of the dentists or the professionals those deal with the tooth related problems.

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