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Since 4G LTE networks are more and more popular Da'Ron Payne Jersey , people usually need one or more home WiFi router for the terminals at home to access the internet. Huawei had provided many wireless router models for home usage and many of the Huawei Home WiFi routers( ) are very well-known by the users. The Huawei B310 router is one of them. A few months ago, Huawei presented a new 4G home WiFi router( ) named Huawei B612. For those people who are looking for a home WiFi router, they may want to know what the difference is between the Huawei B612 and Huawei B310, and which one is better to buy. You may check below the images of the two routers and specs comparisons, in the summary, we will list the key difference between them for the reference.

Huawei B612 VS Huawei B310 Specifications
Model: Huawei B612( )
Product type: Huawei WiFi Router with Ethernet port
Category: LTE Cat.6
Chipset: HiSilicon LTE Cat6 Chipset
Data rates: DL 300Mbps UL 50Mbps
Supported 4G LTE frequency bands:
Huawei B612s-25d: B1B3B7B8B20B38B40B41B42B43Huawei B612s-51d: B2B4B5B7B41
WLAN: 802.11 bgnac Landon Collins Jersey , single-band 2.4GHz
Max support users: 32 users
MIMO: 4 x 4 MIMO
Connector for external antenna: Two, SMA-female jacks
Buy Antenna: Huawei B612 external antenna( )
App management: Huawei Hilink APP
SIM type: Micro SIM
Battery: NO
Dimensions: 240 脳 155 脳 78 mm
* 3 x LAN port(RJ45)* 1 x LANWAN port (RJ45)* 1 x telephone port(RJ11)* Two external LTE antenna ports (SMA-female)* One micro-SIM card slot* 1 x USB 2.0 port
Datasheet: Huawei B612 Datasheet(PDF)
User Manual: Huawei B612 User Manual(PDF)
Other features: Firewall, CS Voice, VoIP, VoLTE, IPv6IPv4 dual stack Alex Smith Jersey , NAT, DHCP, VPN, DMZ, UPnP, ALG
Reviews: Huawei B612 Review( )
Price USD: 399.00USD
Model锛?Huawei LTE CPE B310( )
Product type锛?LTE WiFi Router
Category锛?LTE Cat.4
Chipset锛?Hisilicon Balong
Data rates锛?DL 150MbpsUL 50Mbps
Supported 4G LTE frequency bands茂录拧
* Huawei B310s-927:脗 B1B3B8B40
* Huawei B310As-852: B3B7B8B38B39B40B41
* Huawei B310s-22: B1B3B7B8B20
* Huawei B310s-518: B1B2B4B5B7B28
WLAN锛?802.11bgn Sean Taylor Jersey , 2.4GHz
Max support users锛?32 users
Connector for external antenna锛?Two, SMA-female jacks
Buy Antenna锛?Huawei B310 external antenna
App managemen锛?Huawei Hilink APP
SIM type锛?Standard SIM
Dimensions锛?181.0mm x 126.0mm x 70.0mm
* 1 x power adapter port
* 3 x LAN port(RJ45)(Depends)
* 1 x LANWAN port (RJ45)
* 1 x telephone port(RJ11)(depends)
* Two external LTE antenna ports (SMA-J1.5)
* One SIM card slot
* 1 x USB 2.0 port(depends)
Datasheet锛?Huawei B310 Datasheet(PDF)
User Manual锛?Huawei B310 Manual(PDF)
Other features锛?Voice, DHCP, NAT, ARP, ICMP Authentic Redskins Hats , DNS Relay, IPv6IPv4 dual stack, VPN passthrough, Firewall, URL filter, LAN IP filter Authentic Redskins T-Shirts , DMZ, UPnP, ALG, Port forwarding
Reviews锛?Huawei B310 Review( )
From the specs table, we could see the Huawei B612 is more advanced than Huawei B310 router. The main difference between the Huawei B612 and B310 focus on below:
1. Speeds
Huawei B612 could support peak download speed up to 300Mbps and upload speed to 50Mbps based on LTE Cat6 while Huawei B310 supports peak download speed up to 150Mbps and upload speed to 50Mbps based on LTE Cat4.
1. Variant models
Huawei B612 Route

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