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Planning to remodel Stan Musial Cardinals Jersey , repair or build a new home? Looking for some terrific features to include that can save you tons of time in shortcuts, efficiencies and saved steps? We can help! We started collecting over 1,000 uncommon, affordable convenience built-ins in 1998, when we first began writing books and consulting to help people have truly extraordinary ? but affordable ? homes. Here are some of our favorite ideas that'll change your life via the time they save you. Add any of these to your next project Ozzie Smith Cardinals Jersey , and you'll be on your way toward creating a home that's truly beyond the ordinary!

? A shallow closet or weatherproof cabinet at every outdoor hose faucet, for storing a hose at an easy-to-reach height where it will stay relatively clean, out of sight and out of the way. No more risk of tripping over a hose left in a heap on the ground! (And even recoiling and flat hoses can be awkward and dirty to move from faucet to faucet, especially if they're stored outdoors.) This makes gardening a snap, as well as hosing down the deck Keith Hernandez Youth Jersey , patio or outdoor furniture, or washing windows. You'll also want flooring inside that prevents the unavoidable drips from encouraging mold.

? A non-porous, nonskid, self-leveling garage floor coating, so that soil and oil can easily be hosed away. (If you have a drain in the floor and flooring that slopes toward it Orlando Cepeda Youth Jersey , use a similar coating that's not self- leveling.)

? A sewing machine permanently plugged in and set up on a desk or inside a well-lit closet or alcove. Be sure there's space behind the machine for the fabric from large projects to accumulate.

? Remote-controlled window shades, especially on hard-to-reach windows or skylights. Choose among remote controls that can be operated manually; via a timer or photocell; or through any on-site or off- site computer, personal digital assistant or cell phone. Besides being safer than attempting to reach out-of-the-way shades by hand, easy-to- maneuver shades help control light and heat in a room, minimize fading of a room's or closet's contents Chris Carpenter Youth Jersey , and the automatic or off-site controls can make an empty house appear occupied.

? Dedicated space for wrapping gifts that's near where you store your wrapping supplies and tools. No more hauling stuff around!

? A doorbell intercom outside the door that can be answered from every telephone in the house (also via your cell phone while you're out). No more dropping everything to run to answer the door!

? Shallow shelves with only one row deep of canned or dry goods, medicines, supplies, tools or equipment, for instant identification of and access to whatever's stored. These can often be tucked into a space that's otherwise unused.

? At least one full bathroom on every level of the house.

? A laundry chute from closets Vince Coleman Youth Jersey , cabinets or bathrooms to a laundry room on a lower level. No more hauling dirty laundry down stairs when gravity will do the job! And no more dropping items on the way to the laundry room that you might trip over!

? A pot-filler faucet attached to a wall near your cooking burners, that swivels into various positions as well as out of the way. No more moving heavy pots of water from the sink to the stove!

Like this article? Then you'll love our books chock-full of uncommon, affordable convenience built-ins that increase your quality of life and your home's resale value! We also offer a free e-book at : The 34 ExtraOrdinary Home Principles: Over 70 Fabulous, Affordable, Innovative Ideas That'll Improve Your Life and WOW You!

? Copyright 2005 by Carol AbrahamsonExtraOrdinary Homes. All rights reserved.

The most powerful force in this universe is undoubtedly the human mind and one should never doubt this fact. Whatever one says or does Mark McGwire Youth Jersey , the origin of each and every action of his lies in the subconscious mind of his.

For example, when you want to change the TV channel, you think about it first and then pick up the remote to change it. If you say that you just picked it up and changed the channel without thinking, it merely means that your thought was a subconscious one.

Chances are that it occurred due to viewing an object of dislike on the TV, like say a commercial for a product you don’t really like Whitey Herzog Youth Jersey , which in turn triggered your reaction of picking up the remote and changing the channel. Thus, it can be concluded that our subconscious mind has great impact on our actions and behaviour.

Hence, it is precisely the reason why we should train the power of the subconscious mind. Utilization of this power will lead to an overall improvement in the quality of the life we live which we never thought possible.

When an individual develops the power of his subconscious mind, he discovers his own true potential that is hidden inside.

Usually people will warn you against the evils and dangers lurking behind the layers of our subconscious but focusing only on the negative aspects of human psychology will lead to unfortunate consequences.

That is why it is helpful to also look at the positive aspects of the human mind and how we can approach the subconscious as a means of self-improvement. Now, some may read this and think it refers to an overly complex process that is difficult to attain. In reality Lou Brock Youth Jersey , it is the opposite that is true.

Through some simple processes, the subconscious can be guided and its powers harnessed, which in turn develops the unlimited potential one has stored inside. Some of these processes would be discussed below.

The most simple and basic method is of affirmation which works wonders in guiding the subconscious. Affirmation involves repeatedly saying or reminding yourself about some positive aspect that you want achieved.

Suppose you have a job at hand which you are not inclined to complete. What you’ll feel is a sense of deep tiredness which will come over you.

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