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Treatment for Unwanted Pregnancy Acne Health Articles | December 22 Tony Perez Jersey , 2011
Studies show that pregnancy acne will likely find that the worst time for those pimples is in the first trimester. As your hormonal level increase, oil on your pores also thing as "pregnancy glow", but to most pregnant women, this is a recipe for disaster on your face.

How would you feel if you have pregnancy acne that won聮t go away? You may have thought that those nasty, stubborn pimples and breakouts on your face are already a thing of the past since you become adult now. And being an adult now Reggie Sanders Jersey , therefore, you should already be immune to such unpleasant experiences specially acne. However, because you are pregnant, pimples starts to appear on your face and eventually, the possibility of acne and acne scars.


You will definitely find the reason why you are experiencing these acne problems especially if you haven聮t had any pimples growing up. During pregnancy Chris Sabo Jersey , elevated hormone levels can bring a variety of skin changes, including acne.聽 Studies show that pregnancy acne will likely find that the worst time for those pimples is in the first trimester. Also, more prone to breakouts are women who have had previous problems with acne just before their period and are most likely have more difficulties with acne during pregnancy.

There are actually some lucky women whose problems with acne clear up and disappear during pregnancy, but there also are many that are unlucky. While no one can say who will get pregnancy acne, there are manifestations and symptoms on pregnant women wherein acne will most likely to appear. As your hormonal level increase George Foster Jersey , oil on your pores also increases, leading to oily skin. Many call this thing as 聯pregnancy glow聰, but to most pregnant women, this is a recipe for disaster on your face. And worst of all, these pimples are not limited only on your face Pete Rose Jersey , but to your body also.


Because you are pregnant, you are conscious on buying just any acne medicine. Most over-the-counter medicines for acne should be avoided until you have spoken with your health care provider. Always talk with your doctor first before taking any type of medication for your pimples. Some medications that you should avoid and definitely want to stay away are:

聲 Tetracycline 聳 an oral antibiotic that appears to cause inhibition on bone growth and discolored teeth in babies

聲 Salicyclic Acid 聳 most common ingredient in over-the-counter acne treatments

聲 Tretinon 聳 or commontly called Retin-A. There are not enough studies done in this type of drug, best to stay away first

聲 Isotrentinoin or Accutane 聳 some pregnant women who uses this during the first trimester shows some birth defects on their babies
To help you keep your face pimple-free, wash your face with an oil-free mild soap or cleanser three times a day. Just be careful not to over cleanse your face as it can strip your skin with the natural oil it produces, causing your pores to produce more oil. Rinse your face with lukewarm water to get rid of any soap residue left and pat dry. Don聮t forget to apply moisturizer afterwards.
Some natural and healthy ways to keep your skin glowing and looking good is:

聲 Drink plenty of water to help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized

聲 As much as possible Dave Concepcion Jersey , do not touch you pimples to avoid bacterial spread leading to multiply your pimples

聲 Avoid picking or pricking your pimples to prevent acne scars
Worrying and getting trivial about having pimples might be vain; after all you are having a baby. Truth is, just like stretch marks, acne or pimples can bring any pregnant woman stress and brings a lot of impact on self-esteem. But while you may be able to afford the best skin care product, as an adult, you have better things to spend your money on now.

After the baby was born and when your face begun to clear up Yasiel Puig Jersey , there might be some marks left on your face. If this will bother you, there are medications and laser treatments that are ideal for you. Again, for your pregnancy acne, just ask your health care provider first.

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