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Breast Augmentation-Techniques to Minimize Scars Health Articles | October 11 Stephen Vogt Jersey , 2011
When you are considering breast augmentation surgery, one of your concerns may be about the type and location of scars this procedure can leave you with. Breast implants can be inserted in many different ways through a variety of possible incisions. The four most common incision types will result in minimal scarring, in less visible parts of your body.

If you have ever contemplated breast augmentation, you may have reservations about it because the surgery could leave you with unattractive scars. Many women have thought about getting implants, unhappy with the size of their natural breasts. This type of procedure is one of the most popular options in the field of plastic surgery. With silicone gel or saline implants Joe Panik Jersey , you are able to transform your breasts to whatever size you want. Making this change to your body can drastically boost your self-esteem and help you feel more beautiful. However, having scars around your breasts can have the opposite effect, making you feel more self-conscious. Plastic surgeons can perform the operation in many different ways that will minimize or hide the scars, allowing you to feel more comfortable about your appearance.

When you decide to get breast implants, it is important to have realistic expectations. If you are chasing some image of perfection Evan Longoria Jersey , you will probably be disappointed with the results. You should have a clear understanding of how you will look with implants-including the size and location of any probable scars-before the surgery takes place. Breast augmentation surgeons can perform the operation using a variety of methods, depending on your personal preference. The main difference between methods is the type of incision that is made to insert the implants. After surgery and healing time, you will have scars wherever the incisions were made. There are four common types of incisions that surgeons and patients seem to prefer to minimize or hide scarring.

The first incision type is a periareolar incision, which is made around the outline of the areola. Making the incision around the dark area surrounding the nipple results in a less visible scar, but you may also lose nipple sensation. This incision type can also cause you to become unable to breastfeed. For the surgeon Brandon Belt Jersey , this incision allows greater control for positioning the implant for better accuracy. The second incision type is a transaxillary incision, which is made in the armpit. The implant is inserted behind the nipple through the armpit incision, sometimes using an endoscope. This incision leaves no scars on the breast at all, but there is a greater risk of asymmetrical implant placement.

The third incision type for breast augmentation surgery is an inframmary incision. This incision is made along the bottom of the breast, in the crease between the breast and skin. The surgeon inserts the implant upward into position behind the nipple. The resulting scar will be along the lower part of the breast Kevin Pillar Jersey , making it easy to hide under a swimsuit or bra. The fourth incision type is a TUBA incision. The incision is made through the belly button and through fatty tissue under the skin. The surgeon uses an endoscope, and inserts the implant from the incision site to the breast. The endoscope allows the surgeon to accurately position the implant behind the nipple. This incision type will leave you with no scars on or around the breasts, because the cut is made at your navel.

For your breast augmentation surgery, you and your surgeon will thoroughly discuss all of the possible incision types. There are many factors that may influence your surgeon's recommendations, such as your age and weight and the condition of your breast tissue. Your surgeon will help you determine the best incision type to minimize or hide scars and achieve the best results.

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