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鈥?notice inspections of the cargo operation that randomly inspects the contents of the cargo in transit (Cobb Zach Britton Jersey , & Primo, 2003).
The Strategies Promoting Efficient and Secure Movement of Goods
The international strategy for Global Supply Chain establishes two main goals for efficient and effective movement of goods and services. The first one is to promote efficient and secure movement of goods and supplying containers (United States 2011). The second one is fostering global supply chain systems that may wi0thsytand evolving threats and hazards as well as recovering from disruptions. The international community in collaboration with the United States government, as well as the key stakeholders, have galvanized and integrated efforts to continue to enhance risk management efforts. The international community has also progressed in protecting the global supply chain through the programs like the Global Shield. The collaboration of World customs organization C.C. Sabathia Jersey , the Interpol and the United Nations office on drugs and crime launched the global shield in the support of the Global shield. Within the global supply chain departments, several other supplementing departments have raised to support the supply chain. The Container Security Initiative (CSI) refer to a global chain supply security strategy that deals with the security of the containerized cargo shipped to the United States from other parts of the world. The CSI policies address the threat and risks to border security and the global trade that terrorize implement to supply the weapons. The CSI allow the United States custom and the border protection (CBP) to analyze and perform the investigation on the high-risk maritime containerized cargo within the USA as well as within the foreign seaports (Cobb, & Primo, 2003). The USA agency on the marine platforms works in conjunction with the host government support services to verify and validate the contents of the cargo transferred across the seas to the USA.
The USA Visa Waiver Program
The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) refers to the agreement plan between the government of the USA and 38 foreign government states to allow the citizens to travel in the USA for 90 days for the purpose of the business and the tourism without the visa. The foreign government must also allow the United States Citizens to travel in the foreign country for 90 days without the visa for the purpose of the business transactions and the tourism. The Visa Waiver Programs project got initiated by the Department of the homeland security with the consultation with the state department鈥檚 permits. Through the project Greg Bird Jersey , the USA has partnered with very many foreign partners in the promotion of the business and the tourism sector. The Visa Waiver Programs implements the risk-based multi 鈥?layered approach for detecting and preventing a terrorist from gaining access to the USA (The United States, 2004). Through the risk-based multilayered approach, the USA government can mitigate the criminals from traveling to the USA. The Visa Waiver program has promoted the urge in conducting the regular national level risk analysis and assessment process concerning the individuals desiring to visit the USA. The US national security and the and the law enforcement interest conducts a comprehensive investigations and vetting on the individuals interested in visiting the US through the Visa Waiver program. The USA government has attracted several individual as a visitor through the Visa Waiver Programs (Jenkins, et al鈥?2012).

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has total responsibility for ensuring that the entire transport industry has dynamic security. The TSA in collaboration with other departments formulate the policies and the standards implemented by ensuring that the internal and external movements of goods and people are under secure parameters. The agreement between the foreign states and US exist that strengthen the security levels in the transport sector. The TSA has greatly improved the marine and air transport in compacting the pirates and the terrorist attacks. The business people Giancarlo Stanton Jersey , the organizations and the foreign states should work hand in hand with the TSA towards improving the security in the transport industry. The technology experts, as well as the programs, should indulge their minds together in an attempt to bring all the security issues into normalization. The security issues should get automated using sophisticated artificial intelligent programs.

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