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Cannulae or flexible tubes need to be inserted into the patient's body for different purposes. The IV Cannula sizes range from 14 - 22 gauge. It is used for administering medication and fluids to patients and removing blood for sampling. The purpose Cheap St. Louis Cardinals Jerseys , condition of patients and urgency at which intravenous fluid is delivered determines the size of cannula that needs to be used. The smaller the gauge, the larger will be the diameter of cannula and faster will be the flow of fluid. Different sizes are indicated by different colors and it makes it easy to differentiate in emergencies in which size becomes critical. A blue color cannula indicates 22 gauges and allows fluid flow at a rate of 36 milliliters per minute.
The size of cannula is for children and because of its small size, the patients who have veins find it difficult to cannulate. It is used to infuse normal saline, antibiotics and anticoagulant medicines. The standard cannula is pink colored and it is 20-gauge cannula. The size of cannula is used for routine blood sampling Keith Hernandez Cardinals Jersey , routine blood transfusion and intravenous fluid infusion. The green color measures as 18 gauge with a fluid rate flow of 90 milliliters per minute. It is used for transfusing large volumes of fluids, feeding patients and harvesting stem cells. The white color cannula size is used seldomly and it is 17-gauge cannula with rate of flow of 140 milliliters per minutes.

IV Cannula Color Codes ensure easy visualization of intravenous position and different size can be distinguished easily by its color. In emergencies and operating theatres, the gray and brown cannulaes are used. The gray cannula has 16 gauge sizes and it has 200 milliliters per minutes. The 14-gauge brown color cannula has a rate of flow of 300 milliliters per minute. Large cannula size is essential for rapid transfusion of blood, medication and intravenous fluids. It is important to choose the correct size of cannula so the treatment should be done properly. The smaller cannula size means greater pressure in the vein. It causes hemolysis during aspirations of blood sample if it is too small.

If a patient needs a bolus or rapid infusion of medication Orlando Cepeda Cardinals Jersey , cannula may be small to allow the flow of fluid. Cannula is used for adult major surgery and infusion of large amounts of fluids, blood transfusion, emergency management, medical administration and when infusion rate is low and less painful. IV cannula insertion involves putting a tube into the veins of patients so that the infusion is inserted directly into bloodstreams of the patients. The size of cannula depends on what has to be infused and rate of infusion required. The other factor that determines size is the veins of patients. It is advised to get clinical test done for clear identity of patients.


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