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The Yang Jia case Ian Kennedy Womens Jersey ,it is more important than sentencing , relationresultYang Jiacase is a stone has 1000 layer ,it is still beautiful ,Tao ,network Louis Vuitton Sale news media have town talk of the streets ,public opinions are divergent .The Yang Jia case and was the ,and Ma Jiajue case and many media dubbed XX (place ) the Ma Jiajue case ,the cases were revenge kill ,but more worthy of their thinking is why they have chosen in a similar way to solve them. Rage Then ,pour a bottom who made such consequences ,is Ma Jiajue Is this Yang Jia The answer is no. .From the appearance Jorge Soler Womens Jersey ,Ma Jiajue ,Yang Jia is the implementation of criminal murderers ,can lead to such extremes ,but all are victims of their own .The Ma Jiajue case is the humiliation ,the victims of abuse ,from his classmates ,Yang Jia and cases in which the victims is to he had beaten ,even other torture ,and those who insult by .Why Ma Jiajue killed than the other ,and that several ordinary insult ,abuse Raul Mondesi Womens Jersey ,being the most classmates Why Yang Jia is not in Beijing ,not in Wuhan hit retaliation ,and must be in the sea of Zhabei Public Security Bureau They forced Ma Jiajue ,Yang Jia took a they would not ,in their mind is not going to go that way .Yang Jia has the second instance cases ,cases like this, the reason why so much attention Both the academia or the society ,expert or the public ,both on the trial of cases has veiled word quite The prosecution ,defense lawyer is almost the eternal relative contest, defense lawyers focus problem in Yang Jia the ever killed Frank White Womens Jersey ,but the case not only to sentences is right and fair ,in full compliance with the entity law and spirit ,but also to feel the decision process is fair and reasonable … … While the public side to Yang Jia except heart fast ,the other side is given the same ,poor Yang Jia .I am pessimistic thought ,from the first trial of second instance ,the condition ,the result is basic to be expected — Yang Jia sentenced to death .If right now condition :court administrative force effect, the Yang Jia case will become more nebulous from .The focus is the identification of psychiatric institutions ,whether the subject qualification Yang Jia suffers from a mental disease is it right Police in the local police station have beaten Yang Jia This is also the many focus on the network ,a few such discourses . Prosecutors have also passed a psychiatric examination of expert witness Willie Wilson Womens Jersey ,illustrated identification process and basis of .The expert in the defense of questioning felt very embarrassed .Experts have just read the file ,and then to the house of detention unto Yang Jia, take a question and answer form, get a conclusion without psychosis .Yang Jia said ,the surveyor asked two hours of problem .Identification of experts agree ,not to make Yang Jia medical examination ,such as EEG ,CT .I don was in Shanxi was over Taiyuan by beating induced brain vibration condition .So hasty identification ,conclusion can make believe Thus ,a defence Criminal Procedure Law ,the Standing Committee on the administration of judicial authentication decisions and supreme court approval Salvador Perez Womens Jersey , detailed justification .Defense in October handed to the court to apply for identification of books, but in this case, by the court rejected . According to the passage of a decision ,the court and the judicial administrative departments shall establish identification mechanism ,but a trial for Yang Jia in the provision of psychiatric identification of forensic science and Technology Research Institute ,obviously violate the regulations ,does not have the appraisal quality .( the original URL: http : blog.163 .COM Liu * 465@126 blog static 7563345820089138659476 FromTodayFocus ) before the court of first instance trial ,although Yang Jia ,the results did not dispute ,but a

trial procedure was to disobey the legal doctrine of publicity, and even words that are strong on Yang Jia assassinated .Because Yang Jia attack does not belong to a secret Lucas Duda Womens Jersey ,trade secret or privacy cases ,should be open to the public, and the so-called public trial ,is public to the society ,any citizen can attend, but a trial when the armed member of clouds around the court ,the media and the public have been shut sb .( the original URL: http : hangzhou .Com .Cn 20080923 ) veiled semi open half not public ,the media and the public or by choice or be shut sb. And accreditation agencies, lawyers are assigned ,related to be exclusion outside and so on ,these details are related to cases in the key Billy Hamilton Womens Jersey ,but the one one did not receive proper public letter ,here there are obvious effects of administration of law enforcement .Sage Montesquieu thinks ,punishing crime belongs to the judicial power ,if the judicial power of peer power become ,the judge then had oppressed strength ;on the order 聽of a good home, judicial departments should be the people ,and the loss of credibility means the judicial power loss .Sociologist Long Yingtai had this to say ,the world outside the law, there are conscience this thing .When the conflict of law and conscience ,conscience is the highest standards of behavior ,not the law .If this should have the credibility of the government sector is not able to make a fair Alex Gordon Womens Jersey ,public letter to prove ,and sentenced Yang Jia crimes ,then I think ,Yang Jiazong is dead ,he will be disappointed ,I think ,think I such that many of their hearts will feel aggrieved ,that I want to that is ,in the judiciary and a failure .On the maintenance of the social credibility of government departments ,especially main leader should pay close attention to the following sound like this Application in public, with insenilegive priority .Some members of the public polity Yordano Ventura Womens Jersey , even has also pulled the banner ,called Yang Jia heroes and the heroes ( the original URL: http : blog.163 .COM Liu * 465@126 blog static 7563345820089138659476 FromTodayFocus ) about a dozen people Monday afternoon outsMLM opportunity lead. Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap NHL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap MLB Jerseys From China Cheap College Football Jerseys

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