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When you're just starting out to learn piano a new instrument can be very expensive. Used pianos are often found in great shape and for a bargain price compared to what a new model would cost.

Unfortunately all used pianos are not created equal Wholesale Nike Cortez Free Shipping , and knowing the right questions to ask and things to look for will save you from buying a dud.

In this article I'll give you six questions to ask a seller before you buy their used piano. Armed with this information you should be able to find a great buy on an excellent instrument.

1 - What's their Reason for Selling?

Are they buying a new piano? If so, what did they dislike about the one they're selling which they hope will be resolved with the new model? If the old owners give you a reply such as "It just takes up too much space" or "We could use the money" be aware that proper maintenance may not have been done to the piano over the years and this will cost you.

2 - Who did the maintenance on the Piano

Knowing that a professional registered piano technician did the repairs and tuning a piano is a good sign that the instrument was indeed cared for. If they say a friend did the maintenance, be aware that they could have made mistakes that will cause issues down the road. If they didn't have the piano maintained then this is a sure sign of troubles that will pop up later on.

3 - How often Was it Tuned?

If you're considering buying a piano which is currently out of tune I would suggest don't buy it, or buy at your own risk. Why? Well piano's are supposed to be tuned twice a year. Not adhering to this maintenance schedule can result in other issues that could cost you later on. Also if a piano isn't in tune when you first see it, you have no way of knowing what's causing it to be out of tune. Is it just the fact it hasn't been tuned in a while? Or is it some underlying issue?

4 - How frequently was the Piano Played

Knowing how often a piano was played will help you learn if it was being tuned often enough. A piano that is just kept around as a decoration can get away with being tuned only once per year Wholesale Nike Cortez Ultra , pending the environment is right. If it's played often two to four times per year is a better rule or thumb.

5 - How was the Piano Stored

Temperate and humidity are the two key factors to the best environment for a piano. A maximum of 55% humidity is acceptable for a piano to be stored in and preferable below 22 degrees Celsius. (or 72 degrees Fahrenheit). Basements and public storage facilities are usually not ideal locations for a piano to spend any of it's life.

6 - Has the Piano Been moved before?

Frequent moving of a piano can result in damage to the instrument whether it be banging it into walls and stair cases or having to remove pieces to get it to fit through tight door ways. Take notice of the location where the piano is in now. Are there any tight corners or door ways the piano may have had to go through to get into the room? If so keep this in mind as a moving company will charge by the hour and if it takes a while to get the piano out of the room be prepared for a hefty moving bill.

Be sure to ask each of these questions of any potential seller before you buy a used piano. Knowing the answer to any one of these questions could save you a lot of money in maintenance bills down the road.
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